Probation Period

Once an employee has been hired a contract of employment is written up and within this contract it outlines terms and conditions to be met by both the Employer and the Employee. A probation period is one of the clauses within the contract and the majority of employers include a 6-month probation period. The probation period is used to assess if the employee is suitable for the role and the needs of the business. The employee can also use this time to assess whether the role is suitable for them or not.  

Whilst the employee is on their probationary period, they continue to receive the same entitlements such as annual and personal leave as someone who isn’t on a probation period. If the employment is ceased by either party during the probation period, then a letter is to be provided informing of ceasing employment and all unused entitlements such as annual leave are to be paid out.

If you do not have an employment contract that outlines terms and conditions or if your contracts are out of date, then reach out today so that we can undertake a review to ensure you are compliant and not leave yourself open to any issues.

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