Attracting & Retaining Talent – Learning & Development

Yesterday I informed you that the average cost to replace one employee is $23,410.

So, how can you retain the employees that you already have? Don’t get me wrong, you can’t keep all of your employees. Some employees need to move on for the benefit of the business as well as for their own personal growth. I am a strong believer in development and improvement within the individual as this also benefits the business.

The key is to have a structured development plan in place and here at Hare HR Consulting we can help you. As the business owner, you need to understand where your staff are at, what their weaknesses are and where they want to go within their career. From here you build on their weaknesses and support them to become a better employee and individual. It could be a day session, short course or even a mentoring program and this shows that as the business owner you not only care about the profits but also the people who help you to grow and expand as a business.

Overall, this helps increase staff morale, knowledge and overall work satisfaction which in returns makes the business a much happier place to come to work.

Reach out today to have a discussion on how you can increase your staff productivity, knowledge, morale and workplace satisfaction.

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