My Focus is to enable all businesses to achieve their goals and dreams via building successful teams underneath them.

My Mission is to enable all businesses to grow and develop while remaining compliant with state and federal laws.


Hello, my name is Janet Mastropasqua and I am the Founder and Managing Director of Hare HR Consulting.

I just love everything about Human Resources. Some people think I am crazy, but I just love watching businesses and people grow and develop over time and become their own success stories. This is my happy place and I love sharing this passion with others so that they can also be happy. I am fascinated by all different businesses and how people interact throughout these businesses.

Growing up I was always driven to succeed in everything that I took on board and today I love seeing others succeed which is why Hare HR Consulting started. So, why did I call my business Hare HR Consulting? Well my maiden name is Le Lievre which means ‘The Hare’ in French and I wanted a connection to my passionate past as well as my future which is in HR Consulting.

I started my career not in Human Resources but in Real Estate as an Executive Assistant and a Sales Agent where I learnt my skills of administration, organisation as well as learning how to deal with may different home owners, buyers and other real estate agents. Its from here that I started to develop my passion for my own professional development, always improving on myself and what I can offer the vendors to ensure that they get the ultimate price for their home. I love to think outside the box, looking at different avenues that might not have been thought about previously. Whilst working, I undertook studies within Human Resources and completed a Bachelor of Applied Management at Federation University. My HR career had started where I moved into a HR Role at CB Richard Ellis, the largest Commercial Real Estate Company in the world, became HR Manager at a prestigious girl’s school, Lowther Hall and then across to WorkFocus Australia where upon I had my first child and was made redundant (moved whole department to Sydney). Going back to work was hard with limited family support but I took on several consulting roles at Mission Foods, Lander & Rogers and Cockram Constructions before securing permanent employment at Mondelez International. It was whilst I was on maternity leave with my twin boys from Mondelez International that I was made redundant (moved whole department to Manila) and this was when I knew that it was time to become a business owner and support other businesses. Having all of this knowledge from such a wide range of profit and not for profit organisations, I am placed in a wonderful position to assist all businesses at different levels of Human Resources.

I am very proud to have built this business while being a mother to 3 very active boys as I still want to be present in their lives. Having a work life balance, I believe is very important to everyone and to have something that I am passionate about outside my family where I can help others achieve means the world to me. It is something to call my own.

My door is always open to anyone out there that would love to come on this journey with me, to succeed, to watch your business grow and develop. So, if you are looking to take that next step within your business and would love someone else who is just as passionate and enthusiastic as what you are, then reach out today and let’s start the conversation.

I look forward to watching your business grow and develop in the years to come.

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