Audit & Business Review

Are you new to business or have you been in business for a while? How compliant are you with your business’s policies, procedures, wages and contracts of employment? Are they in line with the applicable Award, State and Federal laws?

Having your business compliant with the applicable laws will ultimately save you time, money and a visit to the court room.

I can assist you in being proactive by finding the loop holes before they become a major concern. This is completed by me coming in and assess what you currently have in place and then I will put a plan together with you on what is required to keep you compliant. The best thing is, assessing your business is free of charge.

So, reach out today so that I can take away the stress of you being HR Complaint!

Business Set up

Are you new to business? Have you just started out? Not really sure of the next steps within regards to Human Resources?

Hare HR Consulting want to help you to succeed in business. Together we can complete a plan of what you need to consider having in place from a Human Resources perspective. Having a plan in place makes the transition easier for you, so that it’s not daunting, the process goes smoothly, and you are completely covered from a legal perspective.

Reach out today to start your business journey!

Job Analysis & Design (Position Descriptions)

Undertaking a job analysis of various roles and levels in your business, and identifying where the major gaps are, is vital in ensuring you are in the best position to grow and develop your business to its full potential. Not hiring the correct type of employee, – for the function you need an expert in to grow that crucial part of your business, – can be a game changing situation that can make or break whether you are around operating well into the future.

A job analysis negates this risk, by outlining what the job involves, and what skills are required to undertake these activities. This analysis is also beneficial for estimating the appropriate compensation for the position available, versus similar roles within the respective industry.

A job analysis also leads to the building of a suitable position description, that is in line with the required skill set and education level you require for that role. This is essential to ensure the incumbent person brought into your business functions and acts, in a manner that aligns with your business’s values and expectations.  

So, reach out today and we can discuss the roles within your business and how you can fill a gap correctly and to allow growth for the future.  

Contracts of Employment

Congratulations, hiring a new employee is a very exciting stage within your business and you may be wondering if you need a contract of employment?

A contract of employment is required for all employees and is a legal document between your business and your employee that outlines the expectations required from both parties.

It is also vital to undertake a review of your current contracts ensuring that they are up to date and that you as the business are covered in case anything happens.

Hare HR Consulting can put you on the right track, by writing or reviewing your contract of employment ensuring it is compliant with the respective government regulations.

Reach out today and I can undertake a review of your contracts to ensure that you are compliant.

Onboarding and Induction Process Setup

Once a new employee has been sourced, it is vital to send the right message to them from the very beginning of their journey within your business. Having an onboarding check list prepared for yourself entailing even the little things, – like that their desk is ready, and that their computer accesses are all completed, –   all give a great first off impression to them of the level of professionalism you hold dear, in addition to making the new employee feel welcome.

A clear Induction Process and an Employee Manual created by Hare HR Consulting is vitally crucial, in making it easier for current staff members to use as part of the onboarding process for that new employee. It ensures consistency of expectations between each new employee brought into your business, to bring them in line with the current employees already working there for you; and operating under various policies and procedures. It also allows any new employees to develop a complete understanding of what the business is about, and what it is trying to achieve.

In addition, an Induction Process created by Hare HR Consulting, that clearly outlines what the employee will be undertaking and learning over the next 3-6 months, ensures there is no ambiguity on what is expected within that probationary period. So reach out to Hare HR Consulting, as we can easily gear an Onboarding and Induction process as discussed above, to suit your particular requirements.

Training and Development

All roles within a business require some type of initial or ongoing formal training. Training and development not only increase’s the skill set of your employees, but it allows you to grow your business to another level. It is also great for staff morale, as it shows a basic human emotion of feeling appreciation for the service that employee is providing you, in light of you continuing the investment in their education and mental development.

Need to work out what type of training is required for your employees to increase their skill sets? Then reach out to Hare HR Consulting for some assistance. We will be able to assist you in putting together tailored training and development plans, with localised training inhouse or externally at one of our facilities where required.

Employee Performance Review

If your employees aren’t performing at the level required, then you need to ensure the correct standards are met. Achieve this goal by having a clear Employee Performance Review system in place, to hold them to account of your expectations.

Hare HR Consulting can gear an Employee Performance Review system for you and your business, to assist in taking back control of your employee’s work standards. All Employee Performance Review systems created, are in line with Fair Work Australia Guidelines. So rest assured, they will be compliant to a level that can assist if anything goes pear shaped, when your employee doesn’t take well to being held to account on their performance and conduct whilst working within your business.

An Employee Performance Review system created by Hare HR Consulting, can also be created to link into identifying gaps and deficiencies your employee may have in relation to Training and Development. This is critical to ensure that this employee can be brought up to the standard you require of them, and help them grow and develop into the model employee you’re after.

User guides and training on how to conduct Employee Performance Reviews are all part of the package created for you by Hare HR Consulting. This will ensure that even the most novice in reviewers, can be brought up to a level high enough to get the full benefit out of the entire process, with the employee having the Performance Discussion had with them.


Meetings required for mediation between two combating parties over any topic, can be quite a nerve wrecking situation to have to deal with for any business owner or employee tasked with this predicament.

Bringing in Hare HR Consulting to take charge of the situation, is a wise and sound decision to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Hare HR Consulting representatives are well trained in keeping the mediation meeting on track, and to lead them into the right direction to attempt to find a negotiated solution that suits all parties.

Defuse the situation in an easier and more simple way. Call Hare HR Consulting for professional assistance to take the stress out of the burden of mediation.

Facilitation & Workshops

Hare HR Consulting’s passion for Human Resources, People Development and Creating a wonderful place of employment, is one that is second to none. If you wish to get your business to a level that is world class, and a desired place of employment; – then Hare HR Consulting can easily assist. We’ll come in and undertake facilitation, and conduct workshops to gauge where your level of staff morale is at.

Upon completion, you’ll be given a full review on the gaps your business has, and a plan mapped out to move you into the right direction. It’s also a good opportunity to gauge if your policies and procedures are lacking in any areas, and to invest the time in updating or creating them from scratch if needed, – a task Hare HR Consulting can also easily do.

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